Protocol Design & Data Analysis

Consultancy can be arranged on a daily, project or retainer basis to suit your requirements. A range of advisory services are available including :

Protocol Design

A sensory evaluation protocol should be clear and unambiguous and contain enough detail to allow the test to be repeated in exactly the same way on different occasions by different operators.

The detailed protocol is the written step-by-step instructions for conducting all parts of the test. It should include precise measurements of quantities of product used/applied, time/method of application, period between applications, equipment used etc

Advisory meetings can be arranged to discuss all areas of protocol design whether as a general approach to enable the client to improve their own in-house facilities or as a more product specific exercise.

Areas covered may include :

Method Audit

Often it is possible to make small adjustments to existing methods to both gain significant improvements in data quality and eliminate unnecessary resources to save on testing costs.

Where product testing methods are already in use, we can advise on their efficiency by :

Statistical Data Analysis

Collecting data is only part of the product evaluation process. Interpreting the results and drawing valid conclusions is a vital element and is usually enhanced by the application of statistical data analysis.

Our expertise in a wide range of parametric and non-parametric techniques and understanding of their use in sensory evaluation allows us to offer our clients :

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