As an established lecturer and author of the two modular courses “ Sensory Evaluation “ and “Statistics for Product Evaluation “ within the Cosmetic Science Diploma, Joyce Ryan is able to provide an authoritative and established range of training courses concerning product evaluation within the toiletry industry.

Whether you require a basic introduction to the evaluation techniques used in sensory testing or a more detailed course covering all aspects for your own in-house requirements , Joyce Ryan Consultancy has the training package to suit you.

Training Packages Available

It is often useful for both formulation and evaluation scientists to have an introductory course in basic evaluation techniques.
In one or two short sessions your staff can learn some of the principles of experimental design and how to identify factors which may bias or invalidate results.

Whether you wish to set up or improve your own existing test procedures in —house or to develop an understanding in the fundamentals of sensory evaluation to enable you to work more closely with external testers, then we are able to provide training in the following areas :

Basic Evaluation techniques

Assessor Training

Courses are available for training your technical staff to become assessors thereby improving the consistency of sensory data analysis within your own testing systems. This in turn results in improved testing efficiency by negating the need for large panels.

In addition, volunteer panellists can be recruited from within the company or from local residents. Screening and training of volunteers can be carried out over a continuous period of several days or in short sessions spread over a longer time.

Areas covered by this course includes :

Salon Training

The half and full head salon tests are by far the most popular and effective means of assessing the whole range of hair care products within the industry .

Our training which may be arranged either in-house if client facilities are available, or at our fully equipped salon in Bolton town centre, includes :

Statistical Analysis

Collecting data is only part of the evaluation process. Interpreting the results and drawing valid conclusions is a vital element and is usually enhanced by the application of statistical data analysis. Expertise in a wide range of parametric and non-parametric techniques can be applied to existing or new test protocols and collected data.

Training in basic or advanced techniques can be provided and can be valuable for all levels of staff not just those who need to carry out the analysis.

Basic training for technicians or junior staff gives an appreciation of how the data they collect will be used and why specified procedures for data collection should be followed. Basic or advanced training for managers or marketing personnel gives them a better understanding of reports and conclusions based on statistical analysis of data and will lead to more accurate decisions based on results of data.

Courses available include :

Course Duration.

Course Flexibility

All our training courses can be tailored to your particular company and product needs. The above information is only intended as a guide.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements without obligation.